Each time Word. Notebooks produces a new issue, they seem to raise the bar on design and quality.

If you’re familiar with Word. Notebooks, then you’ll know and appreciate the nice paper, quality printing/binding/trimming, and that made in the U.S.A. attribute. Whether you’re a fan of their bullet-point system or not, the indicators for each line are printed light enough that you can use the pages for anything, not just checklisting. But their system works very well for to-dos and project tracking.

Word Temp TattThe good folks at Word. were gracious enough to send me a pack of their new Black Mountain to review, along with a nice surprise in a Word. temporary tattoo by tattly.com! I had to try it out and show it off next to three good friends so you could see the effect. Like the tat? Participate in the giveaway at the bottom of the post and you could be sporting one too! Word.

Word Black Mountain Strip

The cover art is a stunning, slightly impressionistic mountain range in subtle shades from black to blue-gray. It does remind me a bit of time spent in the Great Smokies and that view from the observation tower. Each time I’ve picked up this Black Mountain notebook it gives me a sense of serenity. Nicely done! Word. released two Mountains, one in black the other blue. There is a somewhat subtle different in colors and I have yet to decide which one I like best.

Before I share the results of my writing tool tests on the insides, here are this notebook’s particulars:

I’ve always found Word. paper to handle most any writing tool I’ve used with good results for fountain pen and great results with graphite or gel pen. With 60# paper, one can expect some show-through and although the experience of a fountain pen on the paper is very pleasant, there is some light feathering. Still, I use a Word. notebook often with various fountain pens and it’s acceptable to me. Graphite does very nicely on the paper, which although very smooth, doesn’t feel like the pencil’s sliding across the paper but has a nice, light feedback to it. Your mileage, as always with these sorts of things, will vary, but the net result is Word.’s inside paper is very serviceable regardless of your writing tool choice.

Word Black Mountain insides


You can learn more about Word. Notebooks full line including their accessories.