A Year of Write

A new player in the niche limited edition notebook world came out nearly one year ago. The brainchild of Write Notepads, their limited edition subscription took a different approach to quarterly limited notebooks, a market well-cornered by Field Notes Brand COLORS limited editions.

Write is quickly growing a cult-like following for their limited pocket notebooks, and with good reasons:  consistent fountain-pen friendly paper (works superbly with graphite too), thematic approaches with classic designs, custom matching themed pencils, and that ooh-factor folding box to hold each set of three notebooks. And if that wasn’t enough differential design, each notebook is .25″ wider than the niche market’s ubiquitous 3.5″ x 5.5″ pocket notebook standard, coming in at a defiant 3.75″ x 5.5″ (the size difference, I think, to accommodate the PUR-formed perfect binding).

Admittedly, while I’ve enjoyed the approach, design, and themes, I have not embraced the PUR binding. My resistance? They’re not as easy to lay flat, fold back the covers, or write across the binding as the more-common staple or stitched bindings. With the latest release, In The Pines, I’ve finally adjusted to the PUR binding. While I still don’t like to long-write in notebooks with PUR bindings, I’m definitely a convert to using them for notes, lists, idea jots, quick sketches, and other on-the-go writing needs. Besides, my long-write habits keep me in my A5 or larger journals, or my Midori Traveler standard notebooks, so that specific use really is not a factor preventing me from embracing the Write way.

Available primarily by subscription, you can try out a pack during a short period after each release when extra copies go on public sale. Subscription sign-up is usually only available for a brief period around the time of each release.

To check out all the first year’s releases in detail, go to Write Notepads Web site and explore. Write also keeps in stock plain pocket notebooks of the same size and binding with three page layouts and solid color covers, another way to explore the notebook form used in the limited editions.

Shown in the picture above, in order of release: Lenore, Kindred Spirit, Royal Blue, In the Pines.