Papio Press Notebooks: Whimsy and Fun!

Papio Press Notebooks

I stumbled on to this line at during the owner change and at the time, they were the only notebooks they had! Now he’s restocked from the U.S. sources, but more interesting to me is he’s starting to carry some very cool European notebooks. At the time I was intrigued with the Papios and ordered three packs to check out!

These A6 notebooks are designed and printed in the UK, and spec out at two per pack, 300gsm covers, 48 80gsm recycled paper insides (in each pack one is blank, one is lined). I did a quick writing test and was pleasantly surprised considering the recycle paper spec which usual means meh on writing response. Fountain pen ink did pretty well with very minimal feathering, although my 1.1 Lamy nib was a bit messy, but it’s a pretty wet writer and few papers contain it! Graphite was great with no smearing though. The inks did show through some, but again, recycled paper that isn’t heavy so expected (and not that bad). I’ll be quiet now and you can enjoy the pictures. You can check out Papio Press’ site, or order through