Stationery for a Nomadic Year-Long Sojourn

What does a stationery fanatic and writer do to haul the necessary tools and paper for a year-long sojourn? Many have asked, so here’s the lowdown on the what and how. Granted, I can pick up things along the way, but I tried to estimate usage over a year and likely will fall short in some areas, and over in others. Photos with explanatory captions below.


Supplies stored in overhead cabinets
This is where it begins. One of the linen totes holds the paper, and three of the plastic boxes hold the supplies.


All supplies carried spread out on bed
Here’s everything spread out a bit. Pencils and office supplies in the upper left bin, center has one bottle ink bin and another cartridges, erasers, etc. Upper right is the paper bin, and spread out are the journals in use.


Tote box of notebooks
Paper tote, containing backstock of notebooks, journals, sketchbooks, etc.


EDC notebooks and journals
And finally, the working crew spread out. These are not stored in the upper cabinet with the rest, but spread out in Tamasté and in my EDC bag. L-R, upper row: dream journal, self-care journal, weekly planner, monthly planner, Steno general notes, back pocket notebook. L-R, bottom row: personal journal, travel journal (will include some sketches), free writing journal, add’l planner I’m not sure what I’ll do with, and the Field Notes Dime Novel which is another personal journal that travels in my EDC bag.


  1. Wow, Gary!!! You are as bad as I am, or worse (or better, I suppose). I’m unpacking in our new house, and I constantly stumble upon yet ANOTHER blank journal. Now if I can just sit down to write a bit, that would be lovely,

    Remember how we met . . . online for NaNo, 2010, I think Writing writing writing. Look forward to sping you this spring/summer!

    • In a normal week, I actually use all those. Haven’t seen a normal week in a few months, but almost back to the routine. Much to visit about, and yes, still on track for April-ish, but may be a show up and fly to Hawaii, then visit when I get back. All depends on the green light from Navy son as to when I get to go tropical.

  2. I spy Sweet Teeth! And plenty of sketchbooks, but where are the sketching supplies? Man does not live on fountain pens and pencils alone. 😉

    – Tina

    • Ha! I KNEW you’d ask about that…they are there, in the pencil pouches and a rollup. Did you notice the Waldo? That’s the sketchkit carry when I need it. Should be flipping open the sketchbooks soon, but so far, way behind on writing so all in due time. But yeah (or as Drap would say, “Hell, yeah!”) the sketching tools are there…somewhere…I can find them…I think… LOL

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