Going Dark: Field Notes’ Autumn Trilogy Release

Going BlackFor us confirmed stationery nerds, the arrival of a new, limited edition subscription release is the highlight of the quarter. Challenge is, with social media coverage within niche groups so rabid, it’s nearly impossible to have the joy-like thrill of Christmas morning when the package arrives. Spoilers abound EVERYWHERE and there is only one way to ensure opening the package will be a surprise.

And so I went “dark.” I hid my icons to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, (and had to do this on laptop, desktop, iPhone, iPad) and then set up a Gmail filter to avoid seeing the announcement email when it came over. Worked pretty well, and the only news I couldn’t avoid was the release was called Autumn Trilogy. Since it’s the fall 2019 release, no surprise on the name.

Field Notes PackageFortunately, my avoidance efforts worked. The release announcement, and no doubt multiple spoilers, came out yesterday, Tuesday. And through the benefit of being fairly close to Chicago, my package arrived today, Wednesday. So unlike our ancestral cave dwellers, I only had to spend a brief time being “in the dark.”

This release is nothing short of a stunner, and (recorders on and historians to note) just may be my all-time favorite Field Notes release. Let me repeat that: All. Time. Favorite.

Field Notes Autumn Trilogy CoversThe attention to detail in this release is amazing, clever, and hits the spot (at least, my spot). Since autumn is my favorite season, orange my favorite color, trees my favorite thing in nature, and pocket notebooks with 70#, fountain-pen friendly ruled paper my paper-format of choice, what else could this be but my new favorite. I see more packs of this coming to my mailbox soon since I believe this issue will sell out pretty quickly. More pix below of the details in the gallery.

If this hits your button too, head over to Field Notes Brand website and score some for yourself. But don’t wait: like every fall with gorgeous leave colors, they won’t last long.


  1. Haven’t gotten mine yet. I’m not the biggest fan of lines, but I didn’t know they were colored inside as well. That might change my mind! BTW, I admire your planning and strength; I don’t think I could do that.

  2. Thanks! So glad they came today. Not so sure I could have waited it out until Friday, the original delivery date.

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