Zebra Blen Ballpoint (0.5mm) Review

I use ballpoint pens regularly, but they are not my favorite tool for writing. I am a fountain pen guy, and like pencils too. But sometimes, there is a spot for a nice ballpoint to fit into. The Zebra Blen will likely fit that spot for a lot of people.

My wife *loves* very fine pointed ballpoints. Her writing is very small, and an ultra-thin line is just what is called for for putting entries into the check register (for those of you younger folk, this is an archaic analog method of remitting and keeping track of money transfers sent using pieces of paper that are not actual currency). Filling out forms is another place where a fine line makes life easier.

The Zebra Blen is an inexpensive ballpoint pen that feels good in the hand a writes a nice, smooth, clean, thin line of ink. The model tested had a blue refill of 0.5mm line width.

Check out the pictures to see my review :

The heart of the matter (for those of you who cannot decipher my writing):

  • Nice looking, interestingly designed, and pleasing in the hand.
  • Nice blue ink, no smudging. Silky smooth application of ink on the page. 0.5 mm line is thin and clear.
  • Excellent performance for the price.


  • The white barrel is a magnet for smudges and debris. Keeping it clean requires effort.
  • Integrated clip on the nock seems like it might be a likely point of failure. A nice design choice, but unsure how it will last.

So… while not a pen that is in my “sweet spot” or “wheelhouse” or insert your non-sport reference here, I like this pen. It does what it does well, and a lot of people will enjoy using it.

I received this Zebra Blen ballpoint pen from Notegeist for this review.


  1. Great. A lot of zebra pens are budget and it kind of shows but this seems a lot better than others. Being smudge free is particularly important for left handers like me.

    • Thanks for commenting. I brought these in because they looked great and seemed like an above-average design that was better than their price! On getting them in hand, that proved true.

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