Tiny Pencil Love

Thin, or short pencils have always made me think of my Mom. Super thin or short pencils were her tool of choice when scoring bridge games back in the day. Guess it’s one reason I keep my Blackwing stubs after their devout service to me over the years. Other times I’d carry in a pocket significantly shortened pencils and enjoy using them in my EDC (everyday carry) moments.

At last year’s Ohio Pen Show, a vendor of vintage and oddball pencils gave me one of his membership pencils from the American Pencil Collector’s Society (PCC). Yup, he had a natural golf pencil imprinted with his name and member number (PCC encourages members to produce their own imprinted pencil for trading, etc.).

Fast forward to now and my shop (Notegeist.com) carries two short/tiny pencils: Viking Mini-Hex, Viking Mikro (super tiny!), plus a just-arrived Ticonderoga golf pencil as the new order bonus pencil!

Five Short/Tiny Pencil Benefits

  1. Fits in your shirt or jeans pocket without easily breaking.
  2. Fits in most pocket notebook carry wallets without sticking out.
  3. 24 of them can fit into a pencil box designed for 12 regular pencils.
  4. Doesn’t need a long point: stub points work best.
  5. Kids love short/tiny pencils.

I know there are oodles of golf or short pencils out there, and probably collectors of these gnomish pencils. Who knows… I may start looking for more quality short/tiny pencils to carry in the shop.

Enjoy the pics of these tiny beauties and let me know in the comments what special short/tiny pencils you have in your collection!